Nikkitharussian - Enough ft. Luis Rauda Music Video

Check Out Nikkitharussian “Enough” ft. Luis Rauda on #AmazonPrime @AVD_dist @nikkitharussian

Bio: My name is Nicole Jacobson and I’m a singer/rapper/songwriter from Houston, TX. Since I was very young music has been my passion and I only recently started creating my own. I just graduated from college and I’m putting in a lot of work to fulfill my dream of becoming an artist. I have a very deep and soulful voice when I sing, but I also like to rap and have fun with my music. I recently released my first music video “Enough” ft. Luis Rauda which shows two sides of a break-up.


Personal Instagram: @nikkitharussian

Music Instagram: @nikkitharussianmusic

Twitter: @nikkitharussian


Youtube channel: Nicole Jacobson

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